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Desperation Blues is the followup to Western Medicine.  It's a comic series drawn by VectoberRailroad-Blues, and Skizoh, which starts out fluffy and nice and soon escalates to being full of feels that keeps you up all night wondering what the fates will be of everyone involved (DAMN YOU GUYS, I WAS NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR THIS). It stars TravisAvery, Charlie, Maul, Mercy, Cory, Abby, Molly, and Trish, featuring appearances by Whitechapel Charlie, Hancock, and several other canon NPCs in the background.  One unfortunate unnamed ghoul casualty has been affectionately dubbed 'Kenny '.

Its original Tumblr posts can be found here:

Please Note: This comic series is not yet finished and will be updated as new panels are released.

Last Updated: March 23rd, 2016[]

“Meet me at the bar Cowboy.. let’s show for these folks some real music…” -skizoh

"Travis and Avery getting ready for their big gig at the Third Rail! Good to have something different featuring the cowboy. There is more to him than sex and puppies. :>" -railroad-blues

"Well, that guitar turned into a banjo… because of reasons! XD" -skizoh

"Maul joins in. Don’t ask me where she got an intact double bass in the year 2288. Also features a cameo appearance by my new ghoul OC. Who is not a very nice person. More on her later. @skizoh @vectober we gotta get Mercy in on this :> Here’s the song they’re playing, by the way: " -railroad-blues

"Well, finally you guys know the name of the band ! Yaay! also some good old fashioned staring scene between two enemies." -skizoh

"Cory, no. BAD CORY." -vectober

"Cory you made a BAD decision! lol :D things are getting intense here…." -railroad-blues

"Sorry I couldn’t write out the lyrics… it would be really small, but here’s a link to the song Mercy’s sing : Did I mention how much I love to draw Charley’s smile? :D" -skizoh

"Ohh it’s on! (sorry Cory) (sorry random Ghoul character) That’s it from me for a bit - @vectober and @skizoh can take it from here! I am going to be posting less frequently over the next couple of weeks as I have a heap of work stuff on. But I’ll be back, kiddos!" -railroad-blues


"@railroad-blues @vectober Let’s continue the story! ( Thank you so much for being patient !) and thank you so much for the help @a-gutter-of-ghouls" ~skizoh


"Ughhh sorry it’s taken me so long! But here is part 1 of 3 of the ending to Desperation Blues! WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN!? And why is Edward especially grumpy today?!!?" ~Railroad-Blues